Chatroom Rules:

Rules for ALL rooms in the chats:

1. Singles-chat room owners are expected to maintain all polices of Singles-chat in their personal rooms, failing to do so will result in your room being closed and a server ban being placed on you. This includes the people that you appoint as room operators, you as the room owner are responsible for the actions of the persons that are in your room. If they get out of line it is your responsibility to remove them.

2. Singles-chat is NOT a dating service nor is it a place to pick up a girl or boy friend; this in itself is one of the most dangerous types of chat activity on the Internet. Our room administrators will handle any situation regarding this in a manner they see fit to maintain a clean and safe chatting environment for everyone.

3. No #*sex* #*flirt* channels. We will never allow them. If a channel is sex-themed or designed to serve prurient interests we will shut it down.

4. Singles-chat is an English speaking chat server, ALL languages are welcome. However, while in the public rooms you should speak ENGLISH, it is rude to the rest of the chatters to not speak English in the public rooms. If you wish to speak other than English, please create a private room for you and your friends.

5. Typing in all uppercase letters is considered yelling in chat; it is disruptive to the normal flow of chat. Please do not type in uppercase.

6. Scrolling, Flooding, and Unnecessarily repeating yourself is rude to everyone on chat and will not be tolerated in our chat rooms.
7. No drug channels save for medical chat.
8. No Gor-themed channels or BDSM channels.
9. While we welcome those who serve in the US armed forces, there will be no independent militia channels on Singles-chat.
10. Rooms or discussion for the trading of MP3 sound files are not allowed, this is due to copyright infringement laws. This policy will not change until ALL record companies agree that MP3s are not an infringement of the artist contract or legal reproduction laws of the United States.