Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why was I kicked out of the room? All I said was does anyone want to chat with a hot girl/boy.
A: Singles-chat is not a dating service nor is it a pick up site, if you are looking to pick up an online date, please look somewhere else. We simply will not provide you the means to get yourself killed by some pervert.

Q: I was banned from Singles-chat, I didn't know the word I said was not allowed or I did not mean to say what I said?
A: A bad time to read the rules is after you have broken them, Yes you did mean to say what you said, or you would not have said it. You are now banned live with it.

Q: I was just banned from Singles-chat for doing something wrong, how long am I banned for? When can I come back?
A: You are banned until the ban expires, it could be days, weeks, months, never. Understand that you have already identified yourself as the type of person we do NOT want in our chat rooms, why should we be in a hurry to take a ban off for you breaking our rules?

Q: How do I become an FH or FA?
A: You must be 18, have a good knowledge of how Chat works, and be willing to give at least 6 hours of your time a week.

Q: Why does Singles-chat not allow some words that are allowed by other places?
A: Easy answer: We are not those other places nor do we attempt to be. Longer Answer: We have placed the most common used swearwords on our restricted list, we stick to this standard and do not in any way sway from it. At any given time Singles-chat could have a visitor that is offended by the use of profanity, profanity is not required to communicate there for we do not think there is a place on chat for it.

Q: Can I get a list of what words are not allowed?
A: umm NO, if you think it is offensive, play it safe and just don’t use that word.

Q: What is a channel?
A: A channel is a chat room in Singles-chat where there are other people.